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How to make your Whatsapp status more colorful

Whatsapp statusThere are so many chat applications available today. Starting from Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Chat, WeChat, until Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a phone number-based chat application. Whatsapp, originally was created for the iPhone, is able to run on various operating systems available. Whatsapp is enabling everyone, every smartphone user, to communicate, transmit various files, and make a call. Whatsapp allows the full integration of the PIN, stability, and a range of features making it the best chat application today.

Whatsapp has a feature of “Not Text Only”. That means Whatsapp capable of displaying a variety of files directly and not just a link away. Whatsapp users do not need to open the application every time to receive various files. Once activated, WhatsApp will always be active as far as the Internet connection is available.

Whatsapp has a variety of interesting emoticons. Whatsapp provides various facilities to make status for Whatsapp. You can change the status and display picture as often as you want. Convenience offered by WhatsApp is difficult to be matched by a variety of similar applications. Whatsapp has the ability to send various file forms, faster than what can be done by similar chat applications.

If you are an Indian, then you do not need to worry about lack of ideas about how to make an attractive Whatsapp status. Each status is a reflection of everything that you are thinking. You can look for as much information of Hindi Whatsapp status. There is a wide range of interesting status that has been adapted to the mindset of the Indian people, making every status more attractive in the eyes of any Indian who reads your status. What your needs in doing chat, all can be met by Whatsapp. By using Whatsapp only, you can make any of your communication more colorful and interesting.


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