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Does Bundling Your Services Really Save You Money?

Bundling ServicesIn order to save their customers money, many product and service providers are bundling their services. Although this practice is seen in every sector from insurance to mortgages, it’s more prevalent in the communications industry. In order to remain viable and competitive, cable and Internet service providers are offering packages that are designed to give customers more flexible, affordable access.

A bundle is basically the service industry equivalent of buying in bulk. But does purchasing your Internet, TV and phone service really offer big savings when compared to contracting these services ala carte? That depends on several factors, including local availability and the number of providers in your area who are competing for your patronage.

How To Compare

First, you have to look at the services that are offered and who is offering them. Larger, national corporations offer more choice in the number and types of packages; a small regional provider may not have the capability to mix-and-match bundles, or the option of swapping one service or another when choosing a package. If you don’t want a landline or satellite TV, and the other services you do want are cheaper when purchased separately, it makes little sense to pay for a something that you won’t use and don’t need.

The options available from most providers are based around Internet speed and reliability and calling plan options, since these are the most in-demand. It’s up to you to determine how much speed you need and what the average phone or Internet usage is for your household or company. Once you know what works best for your circumstances, shop around for a provider who can deliver, and don’t let yourself be talked into adding unnecessary services.

Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the provider’s customer service capabilities. Will the help desk support be able to provide assistance with the issue you’re calling about, or will you be redirected to a different department for each service? Choice means little if it involves extra hassle.

The Consumer Reports National Research Center finds that nationally known companies are able to offer the highest quality and best value for consumers overall. If you’re interested in knowing what your provider can offer you, you can learn more about their products here and there on consumer comparison websites and your local company’s own website. It pays to shop around and know exactly what you’re getting for your hard-earned money.


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